About PassFitTM

PassFitTM is a portable 3D anthropometry system providing an efficient yet robust way to estimate ANSUR-equivalent body dimensions along with realistic 3D avatar and anatomical joint locations from a clothed/equipped individual based on BioHumanTM models.


The whole hardware fits in a suitcase. The essential hardware includes only two Kinect sensors and a laptop computer.


ANSUR-equivalent 136 anthropometric dimensions along with 3D body contours are measured in 5 sec.


Sets up in 5 minutes. Measuring normal clothing. No marker placements, nor special expertise are required.


Machine learning approach for robust and repeatable body dimension estimations.

PassFitTM automatically detects a proper scan posture and captures multiple depth images. Also, the system processes them to obtain accurate 3D whole-body contours instantaneously.

The system was trained based on 3D laser scans of individuals with and without various clothing using machine learning technology to estimate the most accurate anthropometry from a clothed scan.

System Demo